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Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely love the feel of Pearl Moisturising Cream on my face. Moisturising and doesn't feel oily. Thank you for an excellent product."

Cathy Lessing, Pietermaritzburg


"The 24K Gold Charcoal Mask is so hydrating and it left my skin feeling smooth and clean. Plus, how often can you say you had a face mask made out of 24K Gold. 10 out of 10 would recommend!"

Darius Botha, Sandton


"The Pearl Moisturising Cream is my favourite product. My skin is quite sensitive and I struggle to use many of the products available. The ingredients are either to harsh causing my skin to feel burny or irritated. Or the product is overly perfumed which results in me being unable to use it. There is no such issue with this product. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized without a greasy residue. I tend to shy away from moisturizers in the summer as it makes me feel hot - not so this one. I love it!"

Linda Hulley, Pietermaritzburg


"The Omega Light is such a versatile device that has played a huge part in fighting my acne. It's as easy as putting the device on, lying down and enjoying the ride."

Darius Botha, Sandton


"This Red Wine Mask is superb! it feels cooling and has a calming effect on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling and looking radiant. Highly recommend for an instant visible improvement."

Linda Hulley, Pietermartizburg


"These two products (Gold Liquid Facial Mask & 24K Gold Facial Scrub) are pure indulgence! Makes my skin feel pampered. As the scrub contains no harsh ingredients, it does not leave skin red or tender after use. The mask is easy to use and my skin always feels so soft and comfortable after use. Highly recommend both products!"

Linda Hulley, Pietermartizburg


"Skin felt amazing after one application (7 Colour LED Facial Mask)"

Tamika Mercedes, South Africa



"If threading is your hair-removal option of choice, then you are going to love this device (Electric Hair Removal Epilator). It works in the same way and is easy to use, and will definitely save you money on salon appointments."