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4 in 1 Heating and Photon Acne Removal Machine

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Proven to be 85% effective in curing acne.
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Proven to be 85% effective in curing acne.

Suitable areas: face only

Aiming at:

Finally a Drug free and chemical free treatment that:

  • Treats current breakouts
  • Removes acne scars
  • Prevents future breakouts

With no side affects.

Technical features:

The heating and photon device adapts 3 special photon wavelengths and heating therapy to provide treatment for acne, pimples and skin rejuvenation. This product is designed for those who are suffering from acne and also for those who have had acne at some stage of their life and have to deal with the unsightly scars that remain behind. Large treatment features 14 special wavelength and 3 colour LED Light that gives this machine more photon effect and heating affect per area.

Blue light and Heating above 45 to 50 ○C effectively kills Propionbacterium acnes bacteria responsible for acne development.

Red light: diminishes acne scar after acne removal

Green light: Prevents further acne break outs