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3D Facial Roller

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What can a few minutes of facial rolling in do for your skin?
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Benefits of Face Rolling

They Enhance the Lymphatic System
The most common reason many people start using face rollers is for lymphatic drainage. With our sedentary lifestyle, the lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating waste and toxins in the body, tends to be underactive. Rollers are an effective way to stimulate the lymph system, which also allows for a healthier immune system.

Contours the Face Naturally
A few minutes massaging with a face roller in the morning can help the body drain excess fluids that have accumulated in the face cause puffiness. Another common reason for morning puffiness is dehydration. Rolling across the skin can calm down inflammation and support circulation to help restore the natural youthful contour of the face.

Gives a Healthy Glow
After each massage with a facial roller, blood circulation is increased, which, in turn, offers a bright and awakening flush of energy to dull, tired skin. Massaging with a face roller for just five minutes a day can immediately increase blood flow in the massaged areas up to 25%.

Product Penetration
Pressing into the skin with a facial roller allows for deeper penetration of serums or oils, improving your skincare products’ ability to offer maximum hydration and nutrients.

Diminishes Puffiness Around Undereye
Puffy under eyes is a common concern for many people. It’s essential to address under-eye bags before they can betray the complexion with signs of our lack of sleep. Fortunately, facial rollers play an effective role in reducing under-eye puffiness and brightening up dark circles.

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