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3D Cellulite Removal Contour Shaping Device

Quick Overview

Cellulite is the medical term for lumpy, dimpled flesh that appears primarily on the thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach. Around 80% of women over 20-years-old will get cellulite. It happens when fat pushes through the connective tissue beneath the skin, causing a rippled appearance.
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Contour Reshaping

Just as when we think that shaping our bodies always require intensive work or surgery, RF treatment allows the reshaping of our bodies using a technology that works beneath the skin surface while leaving the superficial layers untouched.


The 3D Cellulite Removal Contour Shaping Device has three functions – ultrasonic technology for cellulite reduction, radiofrequency for firming and slimming and LED light for evening skin tone.


Aside from cellulite treatment, removal of unwanted body fats, tightening of the skin, and its smoothing from the liposuction procedure, RF sessions facilitate reshaping of our body.

The most common problem areas are the buttocks, abdomen, love handles, upper arms, inner thighs and the chin area. It is especially effective in the removal of cellulite. Cavitation is the perfect treatment for people who want to contour their body and regain their confidence and figure.


LED Therapy

Red Light (625-3nm) -Whitening, pigmentation, spots

Blue Light (465-3nm) – Oil Control, anti-acne/inflammation


  • Ultrasonic High Frequency Vibration Waves of 6 Million Times / Minute – Promotes fat breakdown and shapes your arms, legs and lower abdomen.
  • RF System – The multi-pole RF technology is gentle and painless, heats fat, allowing it to dissolve in the body faster and easier
  • LED Light – it can also help the face to help activate your skin cells, promote cell metabolism and improve your skin condition.
  • Easy to hold, portable and rechargeable – you can easily travel with the massager while you are traveling.


Product specifications:

1. Current: 80-630mA

2. Minimum Voltage Required: 3.0V

3. Radio Frequency: 100k ((2levels))

4. Ultrasonic Frequency: (2levels)



Apply cellulite oil or ultrasound gel directly onto the massager, press the function you want and then glide over each buttock for five minutes (it turns itself off after that amount of time). Each of the three functions has a high and low setting. We would recommend starting low for a week before moving onto high, as there is a warming sensation after using the device that most people will find unusual, but it disappears after around 15 minutes. The device slots neatly between the fingers, making it easy to use not just on the buttocks but on any part of the body. Most will see changes in their appearance after 2 to 3 sessions, with optimum results after 4 to 8 sessions.



1 x Cellulite Device

1 x USB Charger

1 x English Manual


Body Perfect Guidelines for Beauty Devices

There is no guarantee of specific results as individual results may vary. Please refer to the instructions when you get the product and use as directed. Before use, please ensure that your treatment goal is a condition that the device can be used for. Do your own research and consult a professional if you would like to use the device for your treatment goals.


It is important you follow the appropriate advice and aftercare procedures to protect yourself from adverse reactions and maximise the benefits of your treatment.


Please note that results will not be immediate. It is recommended that treatments occur at regular intervals as directed in the manual for maximum results. Typically one needs to set aside time for 3 treatments per week for a minimum 2-3 months for best results.