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A Unique and Intelligent Skin Rejuvenation System for the Professional Therapist
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R 200,000.00 (incl. VAT)

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This is our Top of the Range Package. Treat your clients to the ultimate skincare therapy with 19 different types of facial care treatments. Our 19-in-one multifunctional machine is a multi-aesthetics platform specialising in non-surgical facial, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening treatments.  Undoubtedly one of the best machines on the market and has all the tricks of the trade to ensure you get 19 functions, which are up to date with the latest technology. This system saves much needed space by avoiding the need to purchase multiple units that end up taking up more room in your facility. It is also far more economical than purchasing multiple units. 

You will receive the following in this package to start your very own beauty business:

19-in-1 Multifunction  Beauty Machine:

The functions are:

  1. Bio Face Lift Therapy
  2. Diamond Micro abrasion
  3. High Frequency facial therapy
  4. Facial steamer
  5. Ozone Therapy
  6. Spot removal
  7. Skin Scrubber
  8. Galvanic Facial Therapy
  9. Vacuum Therapy
  10. Facial Steamer
  11. Ultrasonic Therapy
  12. Facial Spray
  13. Facial cleansing Brush
  14. Hot and Cold Hammer Therapy
  15. LED Photon Therapy
  16. Head Lamp
  17. Towel Warmer
  18. UV Sterilizer
  19. Rotary cleansing brush

Also included in this package

  • Spa Bed
  • Spa Stool
  • Spa Trolley
  • 5 x Anti-wrinkle serum
  • 5 x EGF Serum
  • 5 x Acne Serum
  • 5 x Whitening Serum
  • 5x Collagen Serum