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Scars and Marks Removal Serum

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Fast repair to damaged epidermal cells
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While having pimple breakouts can be seasonal and temporary, the marks and scars that it leaves on your face afterwards can be quite hard to remove. Promotes blood circulation and effectively remove scars

Only a few blessed people can really say that pimple marks and acne scars are not part of their struggle but otherwise, it's a universal problem that men and women both suffer from.

This skin correctional kit is composed of all natural high-performance formula that combines the most powerful skin-clarifying ingredient at the highest level available without a prescription with a targeted skin-brightening blend to tone, enhance and glow your skin. Over time all unwanted dark spot, pigmentation, and discoloration will be evened out.


To all scars and marks caused by different causes such as post-operative scars and stretch marks, acne marks and hyperpigmentation, scars caused by burns, scratches or accidental injuries.


Water, glutathione, oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-2, vitamin H/folic acid/cyanococobalamin/vitamin B3/pantothenic acid/vitamin B6/Vitamin B2/Vitamin B1/ yeast peptide, grape seed extract,  sodium carbonate. Phenoxyethanol


1 x 30ml Bottle