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Glutathione Serum

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It seems the latest and greatest to cure all of our Skin Care woes is invented every month… Enter Glutathione.
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Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in our bodies. In fact, virtually every organism on Earth has some glutathione in its cells. And for good reason. This “master” antioxidant protects the human body like few others. When glutathione levels are healthy, that’s when the magic happens. You can not only prevent health problems, but possibly experience amazing energy, glowing skin, a strong heart, and a sharp brain.


Benefits of Glutathione for Skin


  • Whether you are concerned with acne, wrinkles, dryness, eczema, or puffy eyes, many are seeking flawless, youthful skin. Science says that glutathione is an effective answer.
  • Glutathione not only decreases the melanin (pigmentation) in your skin, but has also been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.
  • Glutathione works on the skin pigment production by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in making melanin.
  • In one study, both GSH and GSSG achieved a skin lightening effect — though it takes a few weeks to develop. The effect on pigmentation is transient, so you would need to continue using glutathione to maintain the skin-whitening effect.
  • A scientific review of multiple studies confirmed that the use of glutathione results in skin lightening.
  • The same studies also show that glutathione doesn’t just lighten skin, but it improves skin elasticity and decreases wrinkles.



Water, butanediol, glycerine, 1.3 propylene glycol, glycerol polyacrylate, PMV/MA copolymer, taurine, glutathione, tranexamic acide, potassium methoxysalicylate, panthenol, betagluco Glycan, sodium hyaluronate, bis (hydroxymeth-yl) imidazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl butyl carbamate



1 x 30ml bottle