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Start your own Beauty Business with the Deluxe Spa Package from BodyPerfect. This value for money package is a popular choice for many therapists. Includes 10-in-1 multi-function beauty machine, spa bed, spa trolley, anti-wrinkle serum, collagen serum, whitening serum, acne serum and more!
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R 100,000.00 (incl. VAT)

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This value for money package is a popular choice for many therapists.

The 10 in 1 Skin Care System multi-function electrical unit is a must for effective, focused facial and body treatments. The variable functions of the unit can be used to address specific concerns including exfoliation, wrinkle management, hydration, collagen/ elastin stimulation, and firming. Classic, non-invasive aesthetic equipment for measurable results!

You will receive the following in this package to start your very own beauty business:


The functions are:

  1. Derma abrasion
  2. Facial Steamer
  3. Ultrasonic
  4. Magnifying Lamp
  5. High Frequency
  6. Skin Scrubber
  7. Galvanic
  8. Rotary brush
  9. Vacuum
  10. Sprayer
  1. 1 x Spa bed
  2. 1 x Spa stool
  3. 1 x Spa trolley
  4. 5 x Anti-wrinkle serum
  5. 5 x EGF Serum
  6. 5 x Acne Serum
  7. 5 x Whitening Serum
  8. 5 x Collagen Serum
  9. Comprehensive on site training by our certified trainers so that you will feel confident during treatments. You will learn how to operate your machine and how to achieve maximum positive results with your clients.