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5% Vitamin A Serum

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Repair wrinkles and fine lines
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Vitamin A, otherwise known as Retinol, is one of the most powerful and highly effective skin care ingredients you can add to your beauty routine.

Vitamin A skincare products improve the health of your skin. They work by normalising how your skin functions, which in turn helps your skin to stay strong and healthy. This makes it a powerhouse in your skincare regime. It was conclusively proven in 1996 that Vitamin A as a topical skin ingredient is capable of reprogramming cellular function. This is why everyone (almost) should be using it. Not only to help you age more gracefully and have clear skin, but more importantly, so your skin is healthier as you age.

Vitamin A serum benefits your skin by thickening and stimulating the dermis – where your collagen, elastin, and blood vessels are. This thicker and healthier skin reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin A actually increases the deposition of collagen; therefore, it slows the normal ageing breakdown of your collagen and elastin.

Your Vitamin A Serum Improves the Following
- Normalises blood flow – taking nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
- Helps to reduce the symptoms of Rosacea.
- Increases the rate of wound healing – treating acne scarring.
- Exfoliates – making skin smooth and even-toned.
- Repairs the cellular structure of the Epidermis – optimizing your UV protection.
- Decreases clustering of Melanin granules – thus reducing brown spots or pigmentation.
- Decreases sebum production and thus treats acne brilliantly.
- Promotes a healthy Cellular Membrane – improving hydration.
- Helps in the eradication of Pre-Cancerous skin lesions.
- Improves hydration both in and around the cell by doing all of the above – decreasing wrinkles.

This versatile serum works to minimize the appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores, sun damage, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. By accelerating skin-cell renewal, the serum offers gentle exfoliation to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. At the same time, this Vitamin A treatment accelerates collagen production for healthy and hydrated skin.

Optimal Use
Use your Vitamin A serum at least twice a week and you will reap benefits. However, for maximum effect use every night. Keeping in mind that your skin will naturally start healing itself while you sleep. Hence starting at night, to boost your body’s natural functions. Always try to work with your body’s natural rhythm, not against it.

What's in the box
1 x 30ml Bottle Vitamin A Serum