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Body Perfect Start-Up Business Opportunity

Unlocking your Success in the Beauty Industry


The Body Perfect Start-Up Business Opportunity offers:

  • A complete turn-key solution for your own beauty business
  • Small start-up capital
  • Opportunity for new students and future entrepreneurs that want to branch out
  • Attractive home, mobile or office based business
  • Billion rand industry
  • Time freedom
  • Great potential to grow your bank balance and be a successful business owner
  • Includes all the tools and training needed to start a successful beauty business
  • Use the latest cutting edge technology
  • The salon spa skin care packages are conveniently bundled with multi-function facial and slimming machines
  • Everything you need to make clients look and feel refreshed, renewed, and beautiful
  • Become your own boss
  • Gain financial freedom


Body Perfect is not an average business. This brand was created to shake up the beauty industry in South Africa. How?  Seeing a need in the market for young women to be given the opportunity to empower themselves and become their own bosses and thereby gain financial freedom. This gives students or entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business without the huge cost involved in starting your own business. We provide you with the tools and training so you can start your own business and provide a service to your clients in the South African beauty industry.

We believe everyone deserves access to a simple turn-key business system that's easy to operate. When you join the Body Perfect Business Start-Up Opportunity, not only do you receive the cutting edge technology that will attract clients, you will also be taught how to grow this business which will attract 100’s of new customers to your business.

Our vision is to increase the number of young women starting their own businesses, without the need to incur huge start-up costs and putting themselves in huge debt. We have made our packages as cost effective as possible, making it much easier to get finance for your new business. Body Perfect will provide the new business owner with the tools to start her own beauty / spa business. We will also provide training on how to use the beauty devices and provide on-going support to the new business owner to grow a successful business.

Our packages will give you everything you need to provide your clients with a safe, refreshing, and luxurious spa experience. Our salon spa skin care packages are conveniently bundled with multi-function facial and slimming machines. You’ll find bundles that promote skin cell renewal, deep skin cleansing, and must-have hydration. Your clients will look and feel refreshed, renewed, and beautiful. Why buy the essentials separately when you can get them packaged together in one?

We will help you every step of the way to become successful and will provide comprehensive A-Z training and support to help you get started and stay in business.

The brand Body Perfect has already earned a good reputation as a brand that supplies high quality equipment to salons, spas, as well as products and devices for home use in South Africa.

As a new business owner, you will be given free training by our certified trainers. We want you to be completely satisfied with the equipment and feel confident during treatments. You will learn how to operate your machine and achieve maximum positive results with your clients.

The foundation of the success of our Business Start-Up Opportunity is that it’s a complete turn-key tool for your own beauty business, specially created for the most qualified students or entrepreneurs who are looking to start their very own beauty therapy business. Contact us today to unlock your success in the beauty industry!

Ultimate Spa Package

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Ultimate Spa Package Deluxe Spa Package Slimming Package
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